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What our clients say:

“Perfect organisation and totally personalized.”

“A great week of rich learning.”

“Excellent teachers, professional and pleasant.”

“No breaks just continuous immersion with a good mix between lessons and activities.”

“Very friendly and attentive team.”

“A perfect training, I achieved more fluency and learned exactly what I needed and what interested me.”

“A real British welcome, tea and cakes for the morning and afternoon breaks, good lunches and dinners with local specialities.”

English for Business & University

Effective Communication

for Success

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve success in the global marketplace by communicating effectively in English.

By enabling clients to use English precisely we aim to reduce the problems of ambiguity & misunderstanding, which can lead to confusion, resentment or even hostility.

We strive to enable our clients to promote goodwill and harmony in the global community by using English sensitively between individual speakers, organisations and nations.

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What is an immersion English course?

A complete immersion English course places you in a totally English environment. From the moment you arrive until your departure you learn English naturally and experience the life and culture of the English speaking world.

Our total immersion programmes and unique teaching methods allow you to make rapid progress in English while you learn in a relaxed, stress-free and friendly environment.

You learn and practice everyday English as well as English for your own particular needs or special purposes.  

In addition to your lessons you have a programme of speakers, tours, activities and cultural visits, all of which are designed to help you extend and practice English in authentic situations.

Total immersion English in England for business & personal development.